Embroidery is durable, versatile and offers a unique and professional finish.

It is an ideal alternative to printing especially for uniform and work wear when garments are intended to be used in an industrial setting or for bespoke promotional wear that you want to give a personal touch.

The embroidery techniques that we use are quick and clean, thanks to modern digital intervention. We are now able to ‘digitise’ artwork and designs which means they can be kept on file to be used again and again should extra orders be needed.

The cost of embroidery, whether for embroidered work wear, corporate clothing, embroidered polo shirts or a custom embroidery project, is subject to the number of stitches in the design; so the denser the design the more expensive it will be.

Black cap being embroidered with Icon Logo. High quality embroidery.

Cost considerations

The cost of embroidery is determined by the stitch count. Therefore it costs more to embroider a large, dense logo than it would be to embroider some script or text.

Changing the colour of the thread or stitch does not increase the price.

Design considerations for Embroidery

If you are supplying your own artwork for embroidery then it is important that you follow certain guidelines; the better the quality of the artwork provided to us the better the embroidery will be.

Colours: spot colours

Pantone colour matching: yes

Artwork type: vector graphics

File formats: .ai, .eps, .pdf

Ensure artwork is at least 100% of the intended embroidery area.

Convert all text to outlines as we may not have the font you used on file.

Avoid using complex gradients and shadows as it is not possible to embroider these.

Embroidery is suited to bold solid Logos, anything too detailed might be better suited to screen print.

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